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Virtual Car Show Detail

Vehicle Name: Variant TDI
Stats: 2002 Jetta 1.9 TDI (MK4 Wagon)
Exterior: Golf Front end, Blacked out B&C Pillars, Mud Flaps, and a Convex Drivers mirror. 35% Tint, all around. Blocked lower vents.
Interior: Moulded Floor Mats. Wet Okole Black/Grey seat covers.
Engine, Trans & Exhaust: Fuel Tank Ventectomy. CCV Catch Can (closed circuit) +2.5 degrees Injection Timing, IQ adjusted for less smoke/more mpgs.
Suspension, Wheel & Tire: B4 Passat VR6 15" "Freeway" Alloys with General Altimax HP 195/65-15.
Bilstein TCs in front, Bilstein HD's in the rear.
Owner's Email:

Converted to a Golf Wagon!

Front Quarter

Roof Rack

Wet Okoles

Rod Knock. ;)

Cargo Area